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Quick charging station

As part of our partnership with the "E-Grand Tour", our establishment now has a fast charging station for electric cars.

The Grand Tour de Suisse is the first Road Trip in the world for electric vehicles. A dense network of some 300 charging stations provides power for the entire route, providing guaranteed driving pleasure over more than 1600 kilometres.

All electric cars and hybrid plug-ins, including Tesla, are compatible.

You can access the service via Move Cards or QR Codes. A credit card reader is also present.

  • Users with the MOVE card pay 45ct / KWh.
  • Users who are not Move subscribers pay 45ct / KWh + Fr.1.50 one-off charge for the transfer of charge.
  • It is necessary to have a cable to be able to connect to the terminal

Find the complete list of hotels with terminals on the Swiss Tourism website and the list of terminals on the Grand Tour page:

Quick charging station