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The Grand Hotel’s 120th Anniversary Celebration

June 18th was a special day for the Grand Hotel. Approximately 400 people raised a toast to its 120th anniversary.


In 1898, at the height of the golden age of tourism in Switzerland, Edouard Baierlé ordered the construction of the Grand Hotel des Rasses.

120 years later, statesmen, co-proprietors, staff, representatives of local authorities and hoteliers were among the many who gathered to pay tribute to him and the hotel on the day of its anniversary.

During a sunny afternoon, guests shared fond memories, exchanged sentiments, took a horse-drawn carriage ride and admired the magnificent view of the Balcon du Jura, the legendary location of the setting of the 1955 movie Gueule d’ange.

Traditional Swiss musicians and singers invited the guests on a journey in time.

Mr Bernard Russi, CEO of Groupe Boas, could hardly conceal his emotion when talking about the hotel. Mr Patrice Bez, the Managing Director, even worked here as his first student job!

It was an unforgettable evening that will remain in our hearts for many years!


A brief history

  • 1897-1898 Edouard Baierlé ordered the construction of the Grand Hotel des Rasses, which opened on the 15th of June
  • 1903-1904 Saw the first winter season and the construction of the “Bazar du Jura” souvenir shop (currently the “Boîte à musique” restaurant), as well as the conservatory
  • 1912-1913 The tower-like second building was designed by the same architects who created the Gstaad Winter Palace
  • 1937 The “Golf du Rocher” opened and hotelier Edouard Baierlé passed away during this year
  • 1952-1953 was a period of extensive renovation work, the installation of bathrooms and the creation of the mini-golf course
  • 1955-1956 The movie “Gueule d'ange” was filmed and Charles Aznavour staged a concert in January 1956
  • 1967-1968 The indoor swimming pool was opened, and the conservatory was converted into the conference room
  • 1995-1996 The “Belle Epoque” restaurant was renovated with the support of the National Heritage
  • 2017 The “Belle Epoque” restaurant once again underwent renovation and the “Boîte à musique” restaurant reopened on the 21st of June
  • 2018 Saw the renovation of the corridors on the 4th and 1st floors and the creation of 3 “chambres historiques”, as well as the new Spa
The Grand Hotel’s 120th Anniversary Celebration