The "Swiss Historic Hotels" classification includes the 55 most beautiful historical hotels of Switzerland.

The criteria for this distinction are stringent. The hotel must have been in existence for more than 50 years and must be of major relevance to architectural history. The authenticity of the site plays an essential role. Indeed, the decoration, furniture and lighting must be historically inspired.

In 2016, Ms Evelyne Lüthi-Graf, historian, archivist and director of Swiss Tourism Heritage and Mr Bernard Russi, founder and director of BOAS Gestion SA, contemplated the project of submitting an application for the Grand Hôtel des Rasses & Wellness to become a member of "Swiss Historic Hotel". They then presented the project to the director of the establishment, Mr Patrice Bez.

As early as 2017, Ms Lüthi-Graf promoted the project by way of studies conducted within the hotel. With the help of the establishment´s staff and the company BCO SA, responsible for the management of the works, she assessed the implementation of the renovation projects. Occasionally, simple minor amendments were enough, such as the addition of historical decorative pieces found in the Grisons or the Jura, such as perfectly authentic furniture, chandeliers and chairs.

In the spring of 2017, the idea of a typical Swiss bistro materialised. "La Boîte à Musique" was inaugurated on 21 June 2017. This bistro serves Swiss wines and beers, as well as various regional dishes (fondues, vacherin Mont-d'Or, rösti...), in an authentic and cosy setting. The team in charge of "La Boîte à Musique" succeeded in perfectly catering to client requests and transforming the bistro into a friendly venue.

In the middle of the year, the authorities of the Canton of Vaud (Heritage Department), the company BCO SA, Mr Russi and Ms Lüthi-Graf, came together in a meeting to analyse and discuss the future works, directed towards the preservation of the heritage.

In March 2018, the future works project was presented during a meeting, by Mr Zahno and Mr Gonzales of BCO SA, Mr Russi and M Lüthi-Graf. 

The candidature file of the Grand Hôtel des Rasses & Wellness was submitted in spring 2018 to the Swiss Historic Hotels Association.

18 September 2018: the audit was conducted by Messrs Bez and Zahno, who presented the entire establishment to the jury of specialists in charge of granting the award. They also presented their region to the experts. The jury assessed the establishment based on the historical authenticity of the residence, however, also on the resources mobilised for the renovations and finally, on the involvement of the Grand Hotel in the region.

The result of the audit was very positive, as the jury was impressed both by the hotel and its dedicated team. The panorama across the plain and the Alps was also very much appreciated. Following this audit, the experts decided to present the Grand Hôtel des Rasses & Wellness to the "Swiss Historic Hotel" committee.

On Tuesday 23 October, the president of "Swiss Historic Hotels" announced to the director of the Grand Hotel, Mr Bez, that the establishment would officially become a member of the "SHH". The enthusiasm and excitement at the Grand Hotel was immense. The award was received with honour and pride. The team dedicated a moment of appreciation to Mr Bayerlé, the original creator of the Grand Hôtel des Rasses & Wellness, as well as for the Wyssbrod family, for their dedicated management of the establishment since 1986.


The Grand Hotel has an undeniable emotional value. Combining luxury, impeccable service and spectacular nature, thanks to its idyllic location in the heart of the Jura Arc, it meets the expectations of today's clients. The strategy aimed at preserving the building has resulted in carefully considered and intelligently implemented renovation work to preserve the site´s essence.



They are historical and authentic hotels and restaurants, managed according to the rules of old-fashioned hotel hospitality without neglecting the demands of today, and which offer you irresistible experiences for your five senses. Since 2004, the Swiss Historic Hotels association has been unifying such establishments in an ever-increasing network of attractions for unforgettable journeys through time throughout Switzerland.

Swiss Historic Hotels are hotels with an important historical past. The catalogue ranges from simple historical inns to the most luxurious palaces. All of them have in common an incomparable emotional value. Their historical authenticity and architectural importance are recognised by experts who ensure that renovation and maintenance work is implemented with the purpose of maintaining and preserving these historical monuments. Swiss Historic Hotels strive to meet the quality requirements of today's clients in their respective categories. It is a question of honour for their hoteliers to enhance the historical and cultural value of their establishments.